GLD complete West Hendon regeneration five weeks ahead of schedule.

Greater London Demolition have completed their part of the regeneration project for Barratt London in West Hendon. This specific project was spilt into 3 different areas, firstly, Tyrrell Way consisting of two four-storey blocks of flats that needed to be demolished in full with a separation cut from the retained occupied building.  Secondly, Marriott’s Close that consisted of five blocks of four apartments and finally, Franklin House a fourteen-storey block of apartments.

The apartments had been built in the 1960’s using a large panel system construction and temporary works were installed to stabilise pre-cast concrete panels during the demolition. Due to the size of the buildings GLD hired an eighty-ton crawler crane to facilitate the top down demolition of Franklin House. From here, 3no five-ton machines were lifted to the roof of Franklin to start demolition. Once completed, GLD used their Komatsu 490 high reach to demolish from the eighth floor to the second floor and the Doosan 480/Komatsu 210 from the second floor to the ground.

Hendon tower IMG_1077

The project covered a very large residential area and GLD staff attended regular local resident’s meetings to help build and maintain close relationships with both the client and the surrounding residents. These updates and courtesy notifications meant that GLD received no complaints during the work carried out on site which was excellent news given the range of work that took place.

At any one time the site had up to 50 members of staff each tasked to carry out a number of duties including, asbestos, soft strip, temporary works, separation cuts, demolition and crushing. GLD were able to crush materials on site ready for reuse, all other arisings were taking back to GLD’s own waste facility where it could be processed safely and efficiently. By eliminating a need for an external waste carrier, GLD are able to reduce costs and organise transfer without delays.

The project started on the 7th March 2016 and GLD had anticipated the works to take up to thirty-two weeks, but with expert project management they were able to complete the work five weeks ahead of schedule. This project had one of the highest values to date making it one of Greater London Demolition’s biggest jobs.

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